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TCBA Summer Club Teams

TCBA will plan to continue to field summer teams in the summer of 2019!! More information to come over course of offseason.

Twin Cities Baseball Academy will continue to run its club baseball teams in the Summer of 2019. The TCBA- Summer Club Teams have had several great seasons in 2015-2018 and will be looking to build on out success in 2019. TCBA will combine high level competition, advanced development training and recruiting to help provide our players with the resources they need to succeed. The TCBA Summer Team program is a great way for a player to start to develop their game more rapidly. 

Some program highlights:
-2015 Scout Stop June Championships (Champions)
- 2015 Perfect Game Evoshield Nats (Won Pool)
- 2015 Perfect Game Kernels Foundation (3rd Place)
- 2015 18U/ 17U Woodside Back to School Bash (Champions)
- 2016 17U Desert Fall Classic (3rd Place)
- 2016 17U Great Lakes Freedom Classic (3rd Place)
- 2016 16U Great Lakes Freedom Classic (1st Place)
-2016 15U Scout Stop Labor Day Classic (1st Place)
- 2016 Perfect Game Fort Myers BCS (Quarter Finals)
- 2016 17U Prefect Game WWBA (5-2 record)
- 2016 Scout Stop August Select (3rd Place)
- 2017 16U Perfect Game WWBA (4-2 record)
- 2017 Perfect Game Fall Nats (4-1, Won Pool)
- 2017 Perfect Game MN Championships (2nd Place)
- 2017 Scout Stop August Select (Quarter Finals)
-2018 Great Lakes Elite (Runner Up)
-2018 Woodside Wild West (Champions)
- 2018 PG MN  Championships (Runner-Up)
-2018 Scout Stop August Select (Champions)
2018 AZ Fall Championships (Quarterfinals)
Selected as one of the top 100 club teams in the Nation by Perfect Game USA


2019 Summer Schedule

Note--This is a sample schedule. Schedule be updated over the course of the offseason. 


Payment Plan (15-17U)

16-17U 15U
Commitment Fee: $1000 Commitment Fee: $1000
April 1st: $500 April 1st: $400
May 1st: $500 May 1st: $350
Total Cost: $2000 Total Cost: $1750
Extra Costs:
Uniform Package
Flights (If flying) Up to individual
Hotels (If traveling alone) Players split at hotel checkout
Van (Optional) Players using split

Summer Club Team Inclusions:

  • 5 Tournaments 
  • Team Practices or small group workouts in between tournaments
  • On the Field Practice
  • Local Games: Scheduled independent games vs other clubs.
  • Serious Teammates 
  • Player Guidance
  • Recruiting Guidance (15-17U)
  • Player Promotion
  • Showcase recommendations
  • Rosters & Player contact info at every game.

Possible Extra Costs:

  • Uniform Package: Will include two uniforms, Two Hats, shorts & practice shirt. Other items will be available.
  • Travel: Up to each individual family. We can help arrange travel for players traveling alone.
  • Transportation: All players must find own ride to practices & game. Will get player contacts for communication.
  • Hotel: Up to each individual family. Will organize team rooms for players traveling alone- those players would split costs.

ZINGER BATS- Official bat supplier of TCBA

TCBA has partnered with Zinger bats in order for our players to receive multiple high quality bats at an affordable price. With all of the events & practice we do with wood bats, this will help cut costs for our players into the future. We will be doing an order of bats before the summer & fall seasons.  More information to come.


TCBA likes to use the term "training" instead of "practice". TCBA will have on the field practices but our goals include the individual development of all of its players and will focus on that primarily. We put a lot of focus on hitting development- We will hit A LOT!! If you can hit there is generally more opportunities out there for you.  Pitchers will focus a lot on their throwing program. Most D1-D2 pitchers throw over 86 mph and we will try to train to do so.  This doesn't mean we dont field or focus on the team aspect. We want all of our players to be better baseball players and teammates. 

Fall League Philosophy

TCBA will NOT play in any Sunday fall leagues. Our philosophy is that our players compete harder & develop  at a higher level by playing tournaments with more on the line. Fall leagues are also far more expensive and we have the ability to use that money for a few more quality tournaments. TCBA will enter more tournaments instead of playing  DH's on Sundays at all ages as a result. This will give us more games, better competition and more development in the long run.

Playing Time

TCBA does NOT incorporate equal playing time or count innings to make sure they're equal. However, we do want playing time to be as close to equal as possible. Our goal is to set up the most quality team possible in order to have the confidence to put any of our players in any given situation. Playing time will be earned through hard work at practice/ games, trying new development techniques, and of course performance in both practice & games. The best way to get playing time is perform. There is a difference between getting a hit through a hole and going up there with a PURPOSE. TCBA will not accept complaints about playing time. Questions on how to get more playing time should be communicated from players.